My first internship at Ilahi Technologies

I started my Internship at Ilahi Technologies, Pondicherry an IT startup in November,2020.

Amidst the lockdown I opted for a virtual internship and applied as a Content Writer for Ilahi Technologies.

Why the Internship was unique?

Routine Daily Meet

The organisation kept track of daily activities, task and growth by organising meets which promoted work ethics and communication skills.

Weekly company Virtual meet

Every last working day of the week a Meet used to be organised to let team members understand better the working of the organisation and it was followed by a fun activity in which everyone participated actively.

Gestures of appreciation

The company made sure to appreciate it’s employees and provided a token application.

Surfing on LinkedIn, I ended up with a link guiding me to Letsintern, an application which serves as a channel between recruiters and interns.

It was a Remote Internship and therefore the process looked like

Online written test

Phonetic interview

Offer Letter

My Experience

I was happy to seek regular guidance of the CEO and CTO of the company as it proved to be extremely fruitful!

It was a great opportunity and I am thankfull for the addition in my skills. All the team members, the mentors were so helpful and brought out the best in me. It was a wonderful experience with the entire process so seamless that for once it didn’t feel as if it was from home.



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