Ilahi Technologies being a Tech-based startup, it is obvious to have a great competition in the market. It is because of the edge to edge competition

existing in the market that the consumer gets a variety of choices for nearly equal qualities.

One can find ’n’ number of coders, mobile developers and enterprises providing analytical business solutions but what differs Ilahi Technologies from others is their constant innovation and affordable quality service.

From starting the business with zero funding, struggling on a half-cracked screen, working outdoors to possessing a fat bank balance, to owning multiple systems in the office and…

My first internship at Ilahi Technologies

I started my Internship at Ilahi Technologies, Pondicherry an IT startup in November,2020.

Amidst the lockdown I opted for a virtual internship and applied as a Content Writer for Ilahi Technologies.

Why the Internship was unique?

Routine Daily Meet

The organisation kept track of daily activities, task and growth by organising meets which promoted work ethics and communication skills.

Weekly company Virtual meet

Every last working day of the week a Meet used to be organised to let team members understand better the working of the organisation and it was followed by a fun…

It’s a recognised fact that small business and startups perform a substantial role in adding to the GDP of the nation. But hold on, how often have you noticed about banking services that are uniquely built for them?

Not very often I suppose!

If you are a potential entrepreneur trying your hand at business banking for the first time, we totally feel you. Startup banking can drive anyone insane, even the best of us. There are close to 50,000 startups in India in 2020 — the third highest in the world.

Yet, most traditional banks, to date, have missed to…

Farmer’s protests in India have created quite a buzz globally . But few know exactly why the farmers are protesting. Here’s a explanation on the contentious Farmer’s Bills.

NH 44, Singhu Border, Delhi is one of the occupied highways leading to Delhi, blocked for months.

Thousands of farmers from the northern states of India have marched to Delhi to protest new farming laws. They have blocked over 5 major highways surrounding Delhi. The police faced them with the tear gas and water canon, but they made it through and have set up camps in and around Delhi.

The reason behind…

Virtual hiring went from good-to-have to necessity due to lockdown measures in 2020. In 2021, talent teams or HR teams as we call them have a sea of innovative recruitment strategies to transform their existing online recruiting processes into long-term strategies.

Ilahi Technologies have been actively recruiting interns in various domains in order to provide the best of their services to the clients. Platforms namely Internshala, LinkedIn, LetsIntern and Facebook proved to be efficient and quite fruitful so as to achieve access to a wide range of prospective interns all over India. …

Ilahi Technologies being a Tech-based startup, is obvious to have great competition in the market. It is because of the edge to edge competition existing in the market that the consumer gets a variety of choices for nearly equal qualities.

“It was 1 at night, I’d still remember, I made a call to Sasidharan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and surprisingly he answered it, as he didn’t show up for the last few days. We started discussing our ideas and the call went for hours.”

Mohamed Ashic (CEO)

On a certain day, late at night, Mohamed Ashic felt gloomy and quite unproductive thanks to lockdown that the idea of commencing their own startup came up. Initially, the idea was about the product that is College Insider, now undertaken by Ilahi Technologies.

This is not their very first venture, an application named

Official logo

Ilahi Technologies is a partnership firm established by Sasidharan Sundaramoorthy and Mohamed Ashic.

Sasidharan Sundaramoorthy, the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the platform dropped out during his final year of engineering from Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and technology in Pondicherry and interestingly joined the medical college, Jiangxi traditional Chinese medicine and dropped out in the year 2019. He worked as an Application Developer for Ocean Academy for about 10 months.

Mohamed Ashic, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ilahi Technologies comes from a medical background. …

About Us

Ilahi Technologies is a startup in technology services, providing analytical business solutions.

Official logo

The company enables clients all across India to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. From software development to marketing solutions for the business, the firm helps the clients find the right problems to solve and solve them effectively.

The team of innovators, across India, is differentiated by imagination, knowledge, and experience, that the startup brings to every project undertaken.

The platform facilitates products and services with the purpose of strengthening trust and serving the business needs of clients, small companies, firms, as well as…

Somya Malik

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